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Cosmetic Surgery

Procedures such as ear cropping or tail docking are commonly used when trying to achieve a certain look associated with a breed.


We commonly perform cosmetic surgeries such as neonatal tail docking and dewclaw removal, as well as ear cropping.

When should my pet have cosmetic surgery?

Tail docking or “bobbing” is the removal of part or all of a dog’s tail. This is typically done when the dog is 3-5 days old, before the nerves are fully developed.  At this age, we are able to dock the tails and remove the dewclaws using only local anesthetic rather general anesthesia. We typically perform ear cropping when the dog is 8-12 weeks of age, though the optimal age varies based on breed.  It is best to consult with one of our veterinarians to determine the appropriate age for this surgery. There are no proven preventative or medical reasons for tail docking, although some argue that it can help hunting dogs or breeds with a lot of energy avoid injury when they are active. It is strictly used for appearance preferences at the owner’s request.

How should I inquire about these services?

Schedule an appointment with our veterinarians to discuss the benefits, risks and timelines of any cosmetic procedure.